Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tiger Lily Gift Box Tutorial

Good morning. Today I am finally getting the Tiger Lily Box instructions for you that I promised. It has been crazy busy with school and sports that I just needed to sit down and get it done. Besides my sister was wondering if the second box was going to be for next years teacher at the rate I was going. ha ha  So let's get started. I did try to take the photo's in my light box, but it was to hard so its on the front counter. Hopefully you won't mind.  :-) 

Supplies: Cardstock, designer paper, scissors, Tiger Lily XL stamp, giftbox punch board, scoring tool, foam mat.

Step 1: Stamp out two flowers and some leaves. You could do another layer if desired, I kept it with just the two as before.  Color as desired. Cut out each flower and leaf as shown.

Step 2: To pop the leaves up on the box you will need to cut in between the petals but not all the way to the center. They have a natural break line to the center and I use that as my guide. The flower on the left shows how far I cut into the center between the leaves.

Step 3: Once you have cut between the petals you can use the scoring tool to help roll the flower petals in an upward motion. I use this first, then I tend to use my finger to give it more of a rounded look. It will flex as you handle the petals so don't worry if it doesn't stay the first few times. Do this to both flowers and the leaves and set aside.

Step 4: This box is a little thinner and taller than my original to make it different for the other teacher. I used the measurements for the large box, 11 x 11 sheet of paper on the giftbox punch board instructions. To secure the flower to the box without having to tear it open, I have added a belly band to the box. Cut two pieces of solid card stock 1/2 inch width x 11 inch length. Score both pieces at 1 inch, 4 3/8 inch and 8 1/2 inch as shown.

Step 5: Turn strips opposite of each other, add adhesive to the inside of the right strip and secure to the back of the left piece. It will leave the little flap up as shown to the right below. Add adhesive to the little flap, that will be hidden on the inside. If this is confusing, don't add adhesive at first just wrap around the box for a visual.

Step 6: Place box in center and wrap around. I have it held in place to show you. Add adhesive to the left far edge strip and secure over the top of the box. The little flap will be secured on the inside of the band.

Step 7: Take your flowers and add dimensionals to the middle. I forgot to photo the flower stems in the middle earlier as you see them now. These will be added to the center and secured with a dimensonal as well.

Step 8: I find it easier to handle the flower and roll the petals with the belly band off the box until finished. Layer the flowers and secured to the belly band. and roll the ends up and out as you prefer. Secure the center and slide the belly band back onto the box to finish final details. Decorate as desired.

Step 9: My final Tiger Lily giftbox in pink.  The leaves are secured onto the belly band under the petals so when it slides off as you see below it is all one piece. I added some sparkles to the petals and rolled them a bit more once on the box.

Voila! I hope you have time to create a gift today and have fun. Enjoy your day! 


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stac, what a gorgeous gift box, and this giant lily makes one stunning topper! Thanks for a great tutorial and wonderful coloring and dimension you've added. You are amazing! Hugs and love! xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

This was wonderful to see, Stacy! Gosh, that gift box punch board sure does make it easier. I love the idea of the belly band to help preserve the flower. This lily looks amazing as a topper! Your coloring and shaping -- wow! Good to see how you did those stamens to make them so realistic. That's a fantastic finish to the flower. I've been stunned since I saw the first box!

Davi said...

FAB job on the tutorial for this awesome creation! The lily topper looks SO real!!