Monday, June 10, 2019

Class of 2019

My graduation cards this year. Normally I create the cards in the colors of the school for the graduate. Well this year I have not only our school but a few other graduates and time was limited. So... we all get the classic black, white and gold colors for the year. No one will really know except the ones from the boys school. I am good with that this year.  :-) 

Used several retired items for these also from the die cut numbers to the sentiment themselves. The stars are from ODBD with a few added gold sequins and some textured background. The picture isn't straight because I was in a hurry. But hey I got the picture taken that is success right now. HA! Thanks for stopping by. 

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Leslie Miller said...

It must be a crazy busy time for you, Stacy, so I'm surprised you're getting cards made at all, let alone photographed and posted. This is perfection for a grad card. I like the CASness of it.