Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dirty Dozen Gift Set

I don't have anything new today that I made as we worked on Science Projects all day yesterday after the soccer games. I have to tell you I was beat mentally from the projects. ha! We got them done, and I am as thrilled as the boys are.

Since this is my last month on the Dirty Dozen. I thought I would share with you a few of my projects. But first, I really have enjoyed the last 6 months with the girls. Talk about going by fast! Seems like just the other day Lydia asked me to be Dirty. Thank you so much Lydia!
Here is one of the projects I made the first month I was Dirty.This is a gift set that I made for a very special person. Here is the cards in the box. I also made a bookmark and recovered a notepad. The box I painted and covered the inside with the paper as well so when she is done with all the goodies she has a wonderful little box for other goodies.
All the stamps are from Clear Dollar Stamps. Single scriptures on each item. This beautiful paper I found at the local craft store and really loved the earthy feel to the flowers and colors. An easy gift set and it looks like you spent a ton on it. Our little secret. hee hee Thanks for stopping in with me today!


Carole said...

Thanks so much for your visit Stacy, greatly appreciated.

I loved reading that yesterday was science projects and soccer games. It sounds like you had a great time with the children Stacy ... they grow up so quickly! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Marisa said...

Ah projects and Science Fair...soooo glad when it is all over! Just one more year for me and they'll be a thing of the past! Glad you got them all done.

The set is gorgeous!! Love the white lace against that gorgeous dark paper. Lucky the recipient was indeed :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful set, Stacy!

Pattie J. said...

these are absolutely gorgeous. love the note book and note cards lovely gift. thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

I am not sure if I miss those days with my boys or not now that they are olde. Hum, yep, I do... not the freezing on the soccer field part though..Glad my younger one decided on basketball. but your project for the dirty dozen is absolutely gorgeous by dear friend