Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goodie Bag


8 x 8 sheet of card stock or designer paper (double sided paper shown. That way the inside is pretty too), adhesive and bone folder.

Step 1:

Take your 8x8 sheet of paper and fold in half, crease edge with bone folder. You should see a triangle

Step 2:

Take right edge and fold inward and up towards the left edge. You should see a triangle at the top as you start to fold over. The tip of the corner will meet the left side edge.

Step 3:

Take left edge and meet the corner on the right. The top edges should line up. Unfold and adhere both sides to secure

Step 4:

Take the top and fold over one side to form the pocket for your goodies. If you want to add ribbon or twine you will want to run that under the flap before you glue down edge. Decorate as desired.

Step 5:

My final goodie bag with a few cookies inside. I added ribbon with a button center. The tag is from Good Thinking: Love Notes. A great Valentine treat. I can see these as baby shower favors as well. Enjoy! 

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