Saturday, August 9, 2014

Renovation Reveal

Good morning! Finally... After much hard work and sweat we have most of the new house settled back together. Anyone need any boxes? ha ha!   I wanted to get some pictures for you as promised. I tried to take them in the same way as before and if you missed the "old" way check out this post HERE to compare. All the rooms have fresh new carpet or tile, it is like a new home. We are so pleased with the end result I can't even begin to tell you.

The first photo above is standing at the entry way of the front door looking in. We have so much ROOM its awesome. The couch will not stay here but for now we needed it out of the way. New furniture is next on our list, however I am really not sure what I want. Sectionals are getting some cooler designs that I have found but I do like the seperate pieces. Either way we need more of it and we have more room for it. The wall behind the TV is a blank canvas and in the next photo, the wall that used to have the hutch against it is another blank canvas. Exciting to have new walls to decorate

If you walk into the living room a bit you can see into the kitchen and more of the space we have in the living room.  You can walk behind the couch also which I really like.

If you turn around a few steps you can see Ranger and the bay window and stuff stacked in the corner waiting for their new spot. This carpet is so lush and the pile is thick with a memory foam pad underneath. You feel like you are walking on lush thick grass if that makes sense. We LOVE it all, well worth the wait I tell you.

Now walk over to the kitchen area and look back at all this space we have. I plan to put a small high boy it is called under the large tapestry to the right that will hold the movie and decorative stuff.

Turn directly around and here is a close up of the tile and carpet. We went with long rectangle tile squares with a thin grout line. This grout is awesome as it has a sealer already in the mix so you don't have to reseal it every year like some. My MIL is jealous as she has to reseal hers every year and its a pain.

If you look directly up you see another blank wall to decorate. hee hee  I am excited as Hobby Lobby has a sale going on this weekend so I plan to find something to fill these spaces. Look how much bigger the kitchen seems. The visual of the floor keep going I think adds quite a bit to the space of the area.
The dining room table needs to move over to the right a little bit but it still looks super small in the room.

Standing at the hallway looking in the hutch is on the wall the TV used to be on and the smaller hutch on the wall that held the movies. We have vaulted ceilings so there is tons of room above to decorate also. Those flowers were from DH for my 40th birthday on Wednesday. I hide all the balloons in the boys rooms for the pictures.  :-)  

This project was a lot of work however so worth it. We are loving the new rooms, the carpet is amazing. The kids are even keeping their rooms picked up so they can play on the floor and enjoy it. Not holding out that it will last long, Lego's will be on the floor in no time but for now its nice.  :-)  DH is talking about renovating the kitchen counter tops and the master bathroom shower next. Ai yi yi!!!
Thanks for sharing in my home renovation project. My stamp room is back together and I am done unpacking for now. Planning on getting some stamping in and hopefully some bloggin in to see what you all have been up too. Have a wonderful Saturday!


Audrey Hiltke said...

Oh my how beautiful this is Stacy - well worth the wait is right!! The carpeting and foam pad sound fantastic and that tile is GORGEOUS!! And with your planned shopping trip to one of my fav stores (Hobby Lobby) those beautiful blank walls will look amazing in no time!! Love the vase of flowers too :)!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Ohhhhh, Stacy, pretty! Love the open spaces. The carpet must feel like a cloud with the memory foam pad. I especially love the tile in the kitchen. Bet you can't wait to get it all put back together and settle down. You have a lovely home!

Becky said...

Your home is beautiful Stacy!

Grace said...

Your home is just beautiful Stacy! I love the tile!!! I wish I could sink my bare feet in to that new carpet! The memory foam pad sounds soooo comfy! Congratulations and enjoy!!! It's a beautiful home!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stacy, first of all, what a wonderful birthday gift this is!! And it's gorgeous! I love everything, and I love your style too! I see I'm not the only gal who loves tapestries!! So elegant and so much more spacious! Enjoy decorating more, and I'm so glad you are back in the house and enjoying it!! Hugs, sweet friend!

Marisa said...

Looks fabulous, Stacy :) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Katie Sims said...

OH, Stacy....this is just gorgeous! Love all of your new flooring! I am so happy you are back home and "snug as bugs" in your new rug! ;) So wishing our reno was over but we haven't even started yet....ay yi yi! :)

Angel said...