Monday, May 22, 2017

Birthday fun

Today is a little bit of joy and sadness for me as mom. My handsome young men are officially 16 now. Sniff... sniff... Oh they are excited as all get out and had a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend. Mom and dad are still trying to digest that they are able to drive off without us. GASP! Mind you they did drive off just up to Dairy Queen and back but it was driving off without us. ha ha  A new addition to the timeline of their adulthood and for me as mom. Another part of the apron strings was cut and this one kinda hurt..... Others have assured me I will survive and come to enjoy this stage but I am not so sure. I have no little ones to take up this free time I will have. Guess that means more stamping time.  :-)  That is what the boys told me when I started to cry.  Aren't they sweet... hee hee  Anyways... a few photo's to share with you and family that couldn't be here. 

This is a photo of them and their car the day we bought it. Hyundai Genesis Turbo 2011. This car was such a blessing for the price and timing. We have been praying and looking for a year now with the boys. They saved a lot of their lawn money for this car and they were blessed with the managing of their money. The guy didn't want to sell it but his pregnant new wife said uhhh... no car seat will fit in the back honey.  ;-)  Rather ironic as my husband had to sell his mustang right before we had the twins since car seats wouldn't fit in the back of it either. Oh how the world goes around sometimes. The guy had detailed records for maintenance, oil, gas, filters etc. He gave the boys a long ole story/lecture of how to take car of his baby. It was super cute and the boys being "car guys" that they are were in complete agreement with him and told him they would treat it just as good if not better. I think he felt good about it... and the guy took one last selfie with it before they drove off. It was so funny. Anyways... their new car! 

This is a group of the young men they pal around with at school. A wonderful young group of men that are sure to make a difference in the world when they graduate. I am proud to have them at my home with my boys! 

And what young teen age boy doesn't need but a pair of sub-woofers for their new car! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You are probably thinking what nuts. ha ha  However they have rules on the volume they can have in the neighborhood. I have to say that when you play Toby Mac in the car it sounds GOOD!!! :-)  Needless to say they were so excited.

A very tiring weekend of activities, but a wonderful time with family and friends to celebrate these awesome young men. Happy Birthday guys! We love you! Thanks for sharing in our joy and have a great day! 


Tracy said...

Happy birthday to your boys. What a great car they were able to get. It is scary, the first few times they drive off, but then it is so great that they can take themselves places and run errands for you, and they like to do that because they can drive! I was there a couple of years ago, now my daughter is graduating from high school, and the next adventure begins. Thanks for sharing your fun day. It looks like it was a great a happy day!

Davi said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome young men Stacy! Looks like their 16th was very special! Those milestones are bittersweet and the times speeds by so quickly,My grandson just graduated and is off to basic training, seems like yesterday I was holding him at his birth!!

Leslie Miller said...

You've raised two fine boys, Stacy, and they look SO HAPPY on their birthday! Bet they're still beaming, and I hope it goes on and on. We've talked about this before... it gets easier. You'll fill up your time, and just because they're driving doesn't mean you won't still have a lot of games and events to attend. I have a feeling they'll always be ready with a hug when you need it.

Marisa said...

Sixteen already??!! Boy...time flies. My "baby" will be 17 in August - all 6'2" of him (and he is still growing!). Well done on the car - I would love driving it with the turbo LOL! Transition in life as a mama is tough sometimes!

Angel said...

Wow, have they grown!!! So handsome! And what a nice set of wheels!!! My oldest just turned 20 yesterday and I still worry about him on the road... Hope you're well!!! Miss you!