Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Huge blessing this weekend

Good morning! I have a story to tell about my MIL who usually has some wild goose chase of an idea she has heard about or found out from so and so. This goose chase turned out to be rather awesome I am admitting!  We built our house 11 years ago and we put in the front bay window, dining room and the boys room some really nice blinds. In the spare room (now one of the boys) and in our room we put up some cheap mini blinds thinking we would get some nice ones up later. We never did get to the cheap blinds until now.
Above is the cheap blind we had in the spare room now one of the boys. That is his Lego desk with his current creations.  :-)  Below is the boys old room now just one of their rooms with the really nice blind. As you can see with the red string holding it up that is BROKE. Gasp!! This was a $140 blind 11 years ago and now would be outrageous in price. It is a really nice honeycomb insulated blind to keep the heat and cold out during the seasons. Well it broke and I needed to get new blinds.
My MIL said she knows of a warehouse that you can go to and get blinds for $5, they are really nice etc. We have heard this before and were not holding our breath. Well come to find out this was actually the case as this lady gets blinds from two very large retail stores of peoples layaways they never pick up, blinds they measured wrong, wrong color, changed mind etc. If you do the work my MIL says we can get you some really nice blinds etc. So 2 1/2 hours later searching and measuring. I did get blinds for all the other rooms in the house to MATCH, yes I said match the other rooms in the house. The only problem is that my FIL and husband were going to have to cut them down about 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch on one end to fit our windows. Not what you want to spend a Saturday doing but I saved myself $850 bucks. Yep I paid $30 for my plantation blinds that match the bay window. The tags were still on the boxes so I totaled the tickets and sure enough I was getting a deal.
Here the guys are working heard at cutting the blinds to fit and voila!  They are all up and looks FABULOUS!!!!

Spending a few hours searching box after box paid off. God is so good as I would not of spent this kind of money on replacing all the blinds in the other room. Don't they look good?  Yes that is a 12th man banner you see on his dresser with the colors of the SeaHawks in his room.  :-)  You don't even want to know how many coats of paint that top bright blue wall has. Oh my!!!  Thanks for listening as I share my huge blessing of new blinds and for only $30.  Yea!!!  Have a great day.


Dee in N.H. said...

What an awesome deal! And they look great too! I love a good deal!

Marisa said...

Now that is my kind of deal!! Yeah :) Love the Seahawks colours in the boys room wink, wink :)

TLady said...

YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!! I LOVE IT when I find DEALS like you've found!!!! MIL DO HELP sometimes!!!LOL It's SOOOO NICE for you to have a CLOSE FAMILY!!! NOT EVERYONE is BLESSED with one!!! ;) Your blinds look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!:) LOOOOVE the BLUE TOO!!!!!!;)

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Well, that was an inspiring deal, good for you, the new blinds look fabulous. My grandson is also a Lego fan, he has a shelf unit where he displays his creations. I must confess, I love the Legos too. Have any one seen the movie yet, it's hilarious.

JD/ Jill said...

Since I know how much some of our blinds cost...I can really understand how delighted you were to have this great find...(our house is OLD and not insulated...so the blinds really do help keep the rooms warmer in winter and cooler in the summer)